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Environmental Policy

GMoto Imports is committed to sustainable business and environmental protection.

We are proactively reducing our environmental footprint and have implemented management systems to deliver our reduction targets. GMoto Imports has implemented the following to meet our aims:

  • Smart energy, LED lighting and passive temperature control initiatives
  • 600+ Native tree, shrub and groundcovers plantings
  • Natural and multiple mechanical sediment controls to restrict stormwater pollution keeping our local creeks, rivers and harbour clean
  • Printing reductions
  • Enterprise wide consumables recycling program
  • Recycled rainwater use

We work with employees and stakeholders to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

All GMoto suppliers, both in Europe and Asia meet strict environmental guidleines set down by the European Parliament. More recently the removal of all Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon PAH, a chemical substance under the low toxicity category, has been entirely eliminated from the tyre production process.

We encourage tyre recycling programs and strongly support these solutions as an alternative to landfill disposal of used tyres.

Burra Creek Shed is an ecologically sustainable development. It is located at the base of the Horsnby Plateau on the rim of the Cumberland Plain. It sits adjacent an endangered Shale/Sandstone Transition Forest and Cumberland Plain Woodland with an abundance of bird and wildlife including some of the last remaining flocks of Bellbirds within in the Sydney basin.

Burra Creek Shed sits of the traditional lands of the Toongagal people. A clan of the Dharug indigenous tribe.